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Author: Carolynn Sarver

Handling Hazardous Ingredients in Bulk Bags

April 9, 2014

Increasingly, bulk bags are used to ship 'hazardous' dry bulk solid materials.  This post investigates what you need to know when handling hazardous ingredients. First, let's determine what ‘hazardous means.’  The United Nations defines hazardous goods as follows:  "Definition of 'dangerous goods' covers articles or materials capable of posing significant risk to people, health, property, or environment when transported in quantity." That's a broad definition but for the purpose of this discussion we'll focus on three potential hazards that can arise during bulk bag handling: Static Discharge:  Bulk solids that within a bulk bag may generate enough static charge to [...]

Solving Bulk Bag Unloader Dusting Problems

April 2, 2014

The most common problem with unloading bulk bags is dusting.  Frequently, bulk bag unloader operations are a dusty mess.  At best, this results in a housekeeping problem.  Product loss and quality control issues can arise and the worst case is a safety issue when dealing with ingredients that pose a health or explosion risk. FINANCIAL IMPACT OF BULK BAG DUSTING Ingredient Yield:  Every particle of ingredient that escapes the bulk bag unloading process and ends up on the floor reduces ingredient yield and increases cost.  Thinking of dusting at the particle level implies little financial impact.  The following example identifies [...]

Cement Powder Handling Problem Solved

March 25, 2014

Spiroflow Systems, a respected leader in the powder handling and conveying industries, is known for its innovative and effective design solutions.  The company recently worked with Access Security Products Ltd. to resolve a powder handling problem with a proprietary cement mixture used in their manufacturing process.  Access Security Products Ltd. is a leading manufacturer and supplier of burglary and fire resistant safes, vaults and physical security equipment.  The company uses an expensive proprietary cement mixture in the walls of their safes and vaults rendering them almost impenetrable to thieves and fire.  This castable material has an extremely high compressive strength and [...]