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Author: Carolynn Sarver

Bulk Bag Filler Packages Fertilizer in Wastewater Treatment Facilities

January 15, 2011

Vancouver based Ostara Nutrient Recovery Technologies has developed a new generation of wastewater treatment systems – a nutrient recovery solution that creates value from waste by recovering nutrients from wastewater and transforming them into revenue-generating, environmentally friendly commercial fertilizer. By recovering phosphorus and other essential nutrients, Ostara improves the financial and operational efficiency, and the environmental sustainability, of wastewater treatment facilities. Ostara needed a reliable bulk bag filling system for the premium, slow release fertilizer – marketed under the brand name Crystal Green® – created from their nutrient recovery systems. They also needed a partner that could reliably supply new […]

Spiroflow helps customer out of a sticky situation!

October 11, 2010

Spiroflow was the choice of Jowat Adhesives Inc when they came to purchase a totally enclosed dust-tight Bulk Bag Discharger/Sack Tip Station for its manufacturing plant in High Point, North Carolina, USA. The plant produces a comprehensive range of adhesives for a variety of industries. “We wanted to avoid any dust contamination from the many different resin flakes running through the discharger used to produce our broad line of industrial adhesives,” advises Mike Kuhn, Plant Engineer at Jowat Adhesives, Inc. “We were seeking a system that was totally enclosed and didn’t have seams or small holes, like some other dischargers, […]

Low headroom Bulk Bag Dischargers improve output for Shower Tray manufacturer

July 17, 2010

Our sister company, Spiroflow Ltd., has supplied 2 of our Model T5, Low-Headroom Bulk Bag Dischargers with integral Flexible Screw Conveyors to shower tray manufacturer Just Trays Ltd of Farnley, Leed, UK. Just Trays Ltd (JT) is the UK’s leading manufacturer of shower trays and are very proud to be a UK manufacturing company. They were founded in 1988 and combine decades of experience and craftsmanship with innovative technology. This has produced a series of unrivalled ranges of shower trays to suit each and every application. The two key principles at the core of their business are quality and innovation. […]