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Case Studies

Within our case studies section, you will find a range of case studies that feature our product range and illustrate the various methods we use to successfully handle and move a vast array of ingredients. You can search case studies either by product, by industry or by material.

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Case Study 6001 - Spiroflow Eliminates Dust & Streamlines Material Handling for Pharmaceutical Company

Spiroflow supplied two bag dump stations with bag compactors, two Flexible Screw Conveyors to deliver constituents to weigh hoppers, two metering screws to discharge weighed materials at a metered rate into a sifter and a third Flexible Screw Conveyor to transfer the sifted premix for final mixing/conditioning.

Download full case study (744 KB)

Case Study 1004 - Spiroflow Discharges Fish Food Ingredients

The original bulk bag discharging arrangements for the 11 ingredients used to manufacture Skretting's fish food was a production bottle neck. One Spiroflow Bulk Bag Discharger specifically designed to operate in a low headroom area has solved the problem!

Download full case study (1016 KB)

Case Study 1003 - Spiroflow Aero Mechanical Streamlines Workflow in Historic Brewery

Until they installed a Spiroflow Aero Mechanical Conveyor, operators at Theakston's brewery used to manually hoist 560 bags of malt up 3 floors. Now the bags are emptied at ground level and the malt is transferred directly into the grist mill significantly improving the efficiency of the operation.

Download full case study (705 KB)

Case Study 3002 - Mobile Aero-Mechanical Conveyor Provides Worry Free Operation for Paint Film Manufacturer

Soliant, a paint manufacturer needed a better way to weigh and mix 275 lb drums of acrylic resin. Their heavily manual operation was greatly improved by the use of an all stainless steel Aero Mechanical Conveyor with a bag dump station at the inlet and mounted on a mobile frame.

Download full case study (572 KB)

Case Study 5004 - Spiroflow Solution Helps Waste Management Company Treat 50,000 Tons of Waste Each Year

Waste Recycling Group needed a Bulk Bag Discharger to empty single bags and a method of transferring alkaline powder to a blending tank where acidic liquors are neutralized. A Spiroflow single trip Bulk Bag Discharger and Aero Mechanical Conveyor are successfully used for this application.

Download full case study (816 KB)

Case Study 1001 - Aero Mechanical Conveyor Transferring Spices from Storage to Production

Patak’s Foods improved the movement of goods from storage to the processing area by installing a Spiroflow Aero Mechanical Conveyor to transfer a host of ingredients from the warehouse, through a wall and into wheeled bins in the cookhouse. Well over a hundred bags of varied ingredients are emptied into the conveyor every day.

Download full case study (732 KB)

Case Study 1013 - Spiroflow Conveys Sugar for Pickled Herring Manufacturer

When looking to upgrade and expand their ingredients handling system, Orkney Herring Company sought a conveyor to transfer bags of sugar into the holding hopper that feeds the mixer where various sauces and marinades are produced. We supplied a Spiroflow Aero Mechanical Conveyor, which does the job admirably.

Download full case study (1107 KB)

Case Study 1002 - Aero Mechanical Conveyor Transfers Flavored Coffee From Mixer to Packaging

Installed at Excelso Coffee of Norcross, Georgia, in 1994, this Aero Mechanical Conveyor is used to convey flavored coffee from a ribbon blender to a storage hopper above a packing machine. The conveyor, operating intermittently eight hours /day, five days /week, ran for 14 years before requiring a replacement cable and disc assembly.

Download full case study (893 KB)

Case Study 3004 - Spiroflow Aero Mechanical Conveyors Keep Packing Lines Busy for World’s Largest Producer of Tin Oxide

Keeling & Walker is the world’s largest producer of Tin Oxide which is abrasive and difficult to handle. When replacing a troublesome bucket elevator, they sought a conveyor man enough for the job. Trials at Spiroflow indicated that an Aero Mechanical Conveyor was ideal; verified since by the performance of the unit installed.

Download full case study (528 KB)

Case Study 4004 - Spiroflow Aero Mechanical Conveyors & Bulk Bag Dischargers Working Wonders for Construction Products Manufacturer

A manufacturer of construction industry products required a reliable replacement for an existing materials delivery system. Additives arrive in bulk bags, up to 1.8 tons, or 50 lb bags. Our solution included two Bulk Bag Dischargers and two Aero Mechanical Conveyors. One of the Dischargers has an integral Bag Dump Station.

Download full case study (707 KB)

Case Study 4003 - Handling Cement Based Products for Construction Industry Manufacturer

A manufacturer of cement products needed to discharge 5 components from 3,000 bulk bags for delivery to either of two mixers. We supplied 5 load cell mounted Bulk Bag Dischargers with Metering Feeders transferring constituents into a horizontal Aero Mechanical Conveyor. This feeds another vertical Aero Mechanical Conveyor which lifts materials to the ‘wet’ or ‘dry’ mixer.

Download full case study (617 KB)

Case Study 1021 - Pork Pie Maker Uses Spiroflow Aero Mechanical Conveyor to Load Gelatine Powder Into Mixer

A Pork Pie manufacturer looked to Spiroflow to improve the loading of gelatin granules into two mixers. The Aero Mechanical Conveyor supplied has an integral feed hopper. The conveyor, feed hopper and control panel are all mounted on a mobile frame for movement between mixers and away from both for periodic washing.

Download full case study (1365 KB)

Case Study 3005 - Spiroflow Bulk Bag Discharger & Conveying System Accurately Dosing Chemicals for Construction Products

Faced with growing demand, Everbuild, manufacturer of building sealants, adhesives, and fillers, installed a new mixer alongside an existing machine. They then needed to load bulk materials and minor additives into both mixers. We supplied a Bulk Bag Discharger with a load cell arrangement to dispense accurate quantities. Minor additives, are loaded through an adjacent Bag Dump Station.

Download full case study (640 KB)

Case Study 3001 - Spiroflow Helps Leading Asphalt Manufacturer Double Capacity & Improve Plant Processing

Nynas’ original asphalt plant needed upgrading. The joints and bends of the pneumatic conveying system were wearing out. It also needed a sizeable filtration system which had environmental implications. Spiroflow Aero Mechanical Conveyors transferring materials from Bulk Bag Dischargers have proven to be an effective replacement and eliminated the environmental issues.

Download full case study (979 KB)

Case Study 3022 - Spiroflow Aero Mechanical Conveyor Distributes Chemicals for De-Scaling Gel Production

Robert McBride Ltd. manufactures private label household and personal care products. To improve efficiency and eliminate dust in their plant, they needed to eliminate manually loading 50 lb bags of chemicals used to manufacture their de-scaling gel. Spiroflow provided a Bag Dump Station with a dust hood, a short Flexible Screw Conveyor & an Aero Mechanical Conveyor to do the job. The equipment meets all their needs including their required 6,600 lb/hr material conveying rates.

Download full case study (904 KB)

Case Study 1017 - Bitters Producer Turns to Spiroflow to Ramp Up Production

This Ghana based producer of bitters needed to increase production by a factor of ten. They turned to Spiroflow who recommended an 'round the corner' Aero Mechanical Conveyor and a bag dump station. The AMC handles the significantly increased need to convey sugar both vertically and horizontally without loss of efficiency.

Download full case study (5071 KB)

Case Study 5005 - Spiroflow Solution Helps Recycle Water Bottles into Fiber

Unifi, developer and producer of REPREVE® recycled fiber, creates plastic flake from the millions of plastic water bottles used every day. Spiroflow helped them develop a line to fill and recirculate plastic flake into large mixing silos and also convey flake onto the next step in their manufacturing process. This system included a Box Dumper, two Bulk Bag Dischargers, five Flexible Screw Conveyors, four Aero Mechanical Conveyors, a hopper and a comprehensive custom Control Panel.

Download full case study (2564 KB)

Application Study 7001 - Pulp & Paper

Although the materials listed are traditionally handled manually, in a modern pulp and paper plant they are normally handled in Bulk Bags (FIBCs). Due to the large quantities used, bulk bags are replacing 50 lb. bags. Spiroflow's material handling systems help pulp and paper companies reduce dust, reduce cost & increase operator safety.

Download full case study (565 KB)

Application Study 7003 - Handling Titanium Dioxide

Spiroflow has developed a bulk bag discharge system which provides a proven solution for handling titanium dioxide and other poor flowing, cohesive products, which tend to bridge in hoppers, cause smearing of conveyor tubes and generally create production nightmares for process engineers.

Download full case study (483 KB)

Application Study 7004 - Tanker & Rail Car Loading

Aero mechanical and center-less screw conveyors are widely used for filling road tankers and can be mounted on mobile frames for ease of use. Spiroflow offers bulk bag (FIBC) or rigid bin discharge stations as an integral part of tanker and rail car loading systems. A high level probe in the discharge spout insures automatic conveyor shut-off once the tanker section is filled.

Download full case study (655 KB)

Application Study 7006 - Dry Ice Expanded Tobacco - DIET

When conveying Dry Ice Expanded Tobacco (DIET) the main requirement is to maintain very low levels of product degradation. Tobacco companies also need a reliable and cost effective solution. Belt conveyors with multiple drop points can significantly increase degradation. With the correct conveying system in place, annual cost savings for reduced product degradation can amount to thousands of dollars.

Download full case study (510 KB)

Case Study 4011 - Cement Handling Problem Solved for Safe Maker

Spiroflow Systems worked with Access Security Products Ltd. to resolve a powder handling problem with a proprietary cement mixture used in their manufacturing process. The material is a fine powder, which arrives by container quite compacted, has very poor flow characteristics bridges easily, is very abrasive and readily absorbs moisture. Spiroflow installed a bulk bag unloader fitted with dual flexible screw conveyors. The flex screws delivered the cement powder to two aero mechanical conveyors that fill an outdoor silo about 40 feet outside of the building.

Download full case study (1884 KB)

Case Study 1025 - Powder Handling Systems Deliver for Gum Supplier

Colony Gums, located in Monroe NC, provides the finest quality gums & stabilizers to the food, pharmaceutical & chemical industries. They turned to Spiroflow Systems to increase their conveying capabilities. They now have two side by side powder handling systems that deliver a conveying rate of 20,000 lb/hr, with improved productivity, additional safety features, a cleaner environment and reduced product waste.

Download full case study (999 KB)

Case Study 1019 - Spiroflow Aero Mechanical Conveyors Fit as a Butcher's Dog

Pet food maker uses Spiroflow aero mechanical conveyors to move rice and dried peas for dog food manufacturing.

Download full case study (936 KB)

Technical Data Sheet 8002 - Dynamic Automatic Rope Tensioner for Aero Mechanical Conveyors

For the ultimate in peace of mind, Spiroflow's AMC DART uses a load-cell system that checks that the tension is at the force determined for the diameter and length of the conveyor. It maintains it at that level by constantly adjusting the air supply to accommodate changing conditions. This is especially desirable where the product or the ambient air is subject to significant changes in temperature.

Download full case study (849 KB)