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Case Studies

Within our case studies section, you will find a range of case studies that feature our product range and illustrate the various methods we use to successfully handle and move a vast array of ingredients. You can search case studies either by product, by industry or by material.

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Case Study 1011 - Spiroflow Discharges Sugar for Dairy

A dairy company producing an anhydrous milk fat blend with sugar for ice cream, chocolate and other confectionery wanted to unload sugar from bulk bags and transfer it to 2 blenders. Spiroflow supplied a Bulk Bag Discharger with two Flexible Screw Conveyors leading from the outlet to each of 2 blenders.

Download full case study (812 KB)

Case Study 6001 - Spiroflow Eliminates Dust & Streamlines Material Handling for Pharmaceutical Company

Spiroflow supplied two bag dump stations with bag compactors, two Flexible Screw Conveyors to deliver constituents to weigh hoppers, two metering screws to discharge weighed materials at a metered rate into a sifter and a third Flexible Screw Conveyor to transfer the sifted premix for final mixing/conditioning.

Download full case study (744 KB)

Case Study 1020 - Mobile Discharging & Conveying Sugar

Solutech needed to load batches of sugar from bulk bags into a series of liquor tanks. Spiroflow mount a Bulk Bag Discharger on a wheeled frame complete with an integral Flexible Screw Conveyor. The conveyor outlet is fitted with a fan to prevent the ingress of moisture.

Download full case study (752 KB)

Case Study 1004 - Spiroflow Discharges Fish Food Ingredients

The original bulk bag discharging arrangements for the 11 ingredients used to manufacture Skretting's fish food was a production bottle neck. One Spiroflow Bulk Bag Discharger specifically designed to operate in a low headroom area has solved the problem!

Download full case study (1016 KB)

Case Study 4006 - Discharging & Conveying Silica Sand

Carroll & Meynell make transformers for the construction industry. Each one is filled with sand which is then sealed in place. The handling of the sand was a production bottle neck – solved by a Spiroflow Bulk Bag Discharger, Flexible Screw Conveyor and distribution system.

Download full case study (1031 KB)

Case Study 5004 - Spiroflow Solution Helps Waste Management Company Treat 50,000 Tons of Waste Each Year

Waste Recycling Group needed a Bulk Bag Discharger to empty single bags and a method of transferring alkaline powder to a blending tank where acidic liquors are neutralized. A Spiroflow single trip Bulk Bag Discharger and Aero Mechanical Conveyor are successfully used for this application.

Download full case study (816 KB)

Case Study 3007 - AMCOL Minerals Chooses Spiroflow to Handle Moisture Sensitive Chemicals

AMCOL Minerals required a Bulk Bag Discharger to meter out a difficult to handle, highly moisture sensitive chemical and protect it from the atmosphere. The challenge was satisfied by a Spiroflow Bulk Bag Discharger including load cells, pinch bars and bag massagers.

Download full case study (908 KB)

Case Study 3006 - Spiroflow Bulk Bag Discharger in Georgia Explosives Powders Manufacturing Plant

This customer needed to dump material from 20 lb bags as well as bulk bags without any escape of explosive dust into the atmosphere. All electronics on the discharge station had to be NEMA 7 compliant. We supplied a Bulk Bag Discharger with an integral bag dump station and dust collector.

Download full case study (985 KB)

Case Study 1012 - Spiroflow Dischargers & Flexible Screw Conveyors A Smashing Success for Instant Potato Manufacturer

A change in SMASH (instant potato) production and handling at Premier Foods called for Bulk Bag Dischargers and Conveying systems. We supplied two Bulk Bag Dischargers and four Flexible Screw Conveyors to deliver SMASH to the packing lines. A fifth conveyor returns perfectly good product, recovered from any ‘out of spec’ packaging, for repackaging.

Download full case study (1258 KB)

Case Study 1005 - Spiroflow Discharger Delivers Sugar, Rice & Corn Flour to Packaging Machine

Choosing key ingredients delivered in bulk bags, Gem Pack Foods had to discharge several products and deliver each to the appropriate feed points of their packing machine. Spiroflow’s solution was a Bulk Bag Discharger with a Flexible Screw Conveyor and a Vacuum Conveyor. Each conveying system is mobile making change-over quick and easy.

Download full case study (941 KB)

Case Study 3009 - Spiroflow Solution Delivers Bulk Constituents & Minor Additives to Chemical Reactor

Innospec replicated their application at another plant making chemicals for personal care products. The main ingredient is delivered in bulk bags. Spiroflow supplied a Bulk Bag Discharger with integral Flexible Screw Conveyor to supply the reactor. 55 lb bags of catalyst are added through the Discharger’s access doors.

Download full case study (755 KB)

Case Study 1006 - Spiroflow Bulk Bag Discharger Discharges Tea Into Tumble Blender Containers

Tetley improved Decaffeinated Tea handling through delivery in 1,100 lb bulk bags instead of 55 lb bags. Bags are delivered two high on each pallet. Although forklifts deliver pallets to the discharger, we supplied a Bulk Bag Discharger complete with a bag hoist, releasing the forklift for other duties while the two bags are emptied.

Download full case study (963 KB)

Case Study 3008 - Spiroflow Provides Material Handling Equipment for Recycling Plastic Window Frames & Other PVC-U Products

Increased demand caused Dekura to expand capacity at their factory, where they had a pneumatic conveying system in place. Their pneumatic conveying was expensive to run, fairly noisy and required a filtration system. For the expansion, Spiroflow supplied ten Flexible Screw Conveyors, two Bulk Bag Dischargers, two Rigid Bin Dischargers, three Bulk Bag Fillers and a Fountain Blender.

Download full case study (922 KB)

Case Study 4009 - Bulk Bag Discharger Helps Manufacturer Deliver High End Motorcycles in Top Condition

Mineral clay in 2,200 lb Bulk Bags is repackaged into 3 lb and 4.5 lb pouches. The challenge was to discharge fragile mineral clay granules and deliver them, undamaged, to the pouch filler. A Spiroflow Bulk Bag Discharger, discharges onto a vibrating tray, feeding a bucket elevator and does the job just fine!

Download full case study (892 KB)

Case Study 5001 - Spiroflow Dosing System Keep Water Sweet

United Utilities add Powdered Activated Carbon (PAC) to water drawn from reservoirs to neutralize a naturally occurring organic compound which gives untreated water a harmless yet undesirable earthy taste and smell. As an approved supplier to United Utilities, Spiroflow supplied the PAC dosing systems required.

Download full case study (1148 KB)

Case Study 3011 - Spiroflow Discharger/Conveyor Delivers Urea Prills to a Mixing Tank

‘Adblue’, Urea Prills dissolved in hot, high purity water, is used in trucks to reduce air pollution from exhaust gases. A Bulk Bag Discharger, with integral bag hoist, empties prills from bulk bags, then they are conveyed to the top of the mixing tank with a 56 foot long Flexible Screw Conveyor.

Download full case study (1714 KB)

Case Study 3012 - Bulk Bag Discharger Alleviates Back Problems for Major Industrial Coatings Manufacturer

A chemical, used in paint manufacturing was delivered in 220 lb bags causing back problems to operators. Switching to 2,200 lb bulk bags required a Bulk Bag Discharger. We supplied a special Discharger ‘shoe-horned’ into limited space complete with roof mounted bag hoist - given the mezzanine floor could not support forklift trucks.

Download full case study (981 KB)

Case Study 3013 - Leading Worldwide Chemical Company Turn to Spiroflow for Custom Bulk Bag Dischargers

A leading chemical company required a Bulk Bag Discharger with a loss-in-weight metering feeder. The customer required the Discharger to have a maximum height of 9 feet when operational and be capable of collapsing down to within a height and a width of 6.5 feet to facilitate movement around the plant. We rose to the challenge!

Download full case study (1449 KB)

Case Study 4004 - Spiroflow Aero Mechanical Conveyors & Bulk Bag Dischargers Working Wonders for Construction Products Manufacturer

A manufacturer of construction industry products required a reliable replacement for an existing materials delivery system. Additives arrive in bulk bags, up to 1.8 tons, or 50 lb bags. Our solution included two Bulk Bag Dischargers and two Aero Mechanical Conveyors. One of the Dischargers has an integral Bag Dump Station.

Download full case study (707 KB)

Case Study 4003 - Handling Cement Based Products for Construction Industry Manufacturer

A manufacturer of cement products needed to discharge 5 components from 3,000 bulk bags for delivery to either of two mixers. We supplied 5 load cell mounted Bulk Bag Dischargers with Metering Feeders transferring constituents into a horizontal Aero Mechanical Conveyor. This feeds another vertical Aero Mechanical Conveyor which lifts materials to the ‘wet’ or ‘dry’ mixer.

Download full case study (617 KB)

Case Study 3015 - Spiroflow Solution Eliminates Resin Dust in Adhesive Production

Jowat Adhesives required a totally enclosed, dust-tight Bulk Bag Discharger/Bag Dump Station. We custom designed our discharger to their exact specifications. The unit accepts two sizes of bulk bags and incorporates a bag dump station too. According to the company, it has been operating 24/7 and performing flawlessly.

Download full case study (910 KB)

Case Study 1014 - Bakery Manufacturer Uses Spiroflow Bulk Bag Discharger and Flexible Screw Conveyor To Make Favorite Crackers

Jacob’s Bakeries have used a Bulk Bag Discharger and Flexible Screw Conveyor to load oat flour into a mixer, via a storage silo, for 14 years - trouble-free! To produce other products in the same mixer, they are required to load alternative flours directly into the mixer. An additional Flexible Screw Conveyor has been installed to achieve this.

Download full case study (664 KB)

Case Study 4007 - Shower Tray Manufacturer Increases Capacity with Spiroflow Bulk Bag Dischargers with Integral Flexible Screw Conveyors

Just Trays’ new casting machine doubles output of shower trays. With their previous machine, any difficulty in discharging materials was solved by bumping bags up and down on the hoist that supported them during discharge. We supplied 2 Low-Headroom Bulk Bag Dischargers. One, for calcium carbonate beads, was furnished with bag massagers to promote flow from compacted bags.

Download full case study (1439 KB)

Case Study 3016 - Spiroflow Solution Transfers Chemical Powders to Dock Side ISO Tankers

As the bags are unloaded from ships, our customer wanted to transfer the chemical contents of bulk bags directly into road transportable ISO Tanks. We built a Bulk Bag Discharger, with high capacity rigid screw conveyor, into a mobile frame. A partial enclosure offers some protection from rain and sea-spray.

Download full case study (626 KB)

Case Study 3005 - Spiroflow Bulk Bag Discharger & Conveying System Accurately Dosing Chemicals for Construction Products

Faced with growing demand, Everbuild, manufacturer of building sealants, adhesives, and fillers, installed a new mixer alongside an existing machine. They then needed to load bulk materials and minor additives into both mixers. We supplied a Bulk Bag Discharger with a load cell arrangement to dispense accurate quantities. Minor additives, are loaded through an adjacent Bag Dump Station.

Download full case study (640 KB)

Case Study 1022 - Spiroflow Bulk Bag Discharger & Flexible Screw Conveyor Accurately Doses Bread Crumbs for Sausage Production

At another factory, our customer used a Spiroflow Bulk Bag Discharger and Flexible Screw Conveyor to transfer bread crumbs from bulk bags in the warehouse, through a wall, to the high-hygiene production area. The system worked so well that they duplicated same application at their expanded North West site.

Download full case study (632 KB)

Case Study 3001 - Spiroflow Helps Leading Asphalt Manufacturer Double Capacity & Improve Plant Processing

Nynas’ original asphalt plant needed upgrading. The joints and bends of the pneumatic conveying system were wearing out. It also needed a sizeable filtration system which had environmental implications. Spiroflow Aero Mechanical Conveyors transferring materials from Bulk Bag Dischargers have proven to be an effective replacement and eliminated the environmental issues.

Download full case study (979 KB)

Case Study 4001 - Spiroflow Bulk Bag Discharger & Flexible Screw Conveyor Distribute Resins for Commercial Bathroom Fittings

Thomas Dudley Ltd, a manufacturer of commercial bathroom fixtures, wanted to make production efficiency and health and safety improvements in their plant. They specifically wanted to eliminate hand weighing and manually loading resins. Spiroflow provided a T5 Low Headroom Bulk Bag Discharger and a Flexible Screw Conveyor to feed resin to a continuous casting machine.

Download full case study (1059 KB)

Case Study 5003 - Water Treatment Dosing System in a Box

Ejector specialist Transvac Systems Ltd worked with Spiroflow to develop a Containerized Dosing System inside of a 20 ft ISO container. The entire solids additive handling system, the dosing ejector, associated controls, safety and alarm systems operate within the mobile space.

Download full case study (771 KB)

Case Study 5005 - Spiroflow Solution Helps Recycle Water Bottles into Fiber

Unifi, developer and producer of REPREVE® recycled fiber, creates plastic flake from the millions of plastic water bottles used every day. Spiroflow helped them develop a line to fill and recirculate plastic flake into large mixing silos and also convey flake onto the next step in their manufacturing process. This system included a Box Dumper, two Bulk Bag Dischargers, five Flexible Screw Conveyors, four Aero Mechanical Conveyors, a hopper and a comprehensive custom Control Panel.

Download full case study (2564 KB)

Application Study 7001 - Pulp & Paper

Although the materials listed are traditionally handled manually, in a modern pulp and paper plant they are normally handled in Bulk Bags (FIBCs). Due to the large quantities used, bulk bags are replacing 50 lb. bags. Spiroflow's material handling systems help pulp and paper companies reduce dust, reduce cost & increase operator safety.

Download full case study (565 KB)

Application Study 7002 - Water Treatment

Spiroflow Systems offers a complete system for accurately discharging and metering dry water treatment chemicals. Many of the products used for pH control, such as hydrated lime, activated carbon and soda ash are now delivered in one ton bulk bags. Spiroflow is recognized worldwide as a leading manufacturer of Bulk Bag dischargers, as well as flexible screw conveyors, which have been used in the water treatment industry for many years for metering and conveying from silos.

Download full case study (1146 KB)

Application Study 7003 - Handling Titanium Dioxide

Spiroflow has developed a bulk bag discharge system which provides a proven solution for handling titanium dioxide and other poor flowing, cohesive products, which tend to bridge in hoppers, cause smearing of conveyor tubes and generally create production nightmares for process engineers.

Download full case study (483 KB)

Application Study 7004 - Tanker & Rail Car Loading

Aero mechanical and center-less screw conveyors are widely used for filling road tankers and can be mounted on mobile frames for ease of use. Spiroflow offers bulk bag (FIBC) or rigid bin discharge stations as an integral part of tanker and rail car loading systems. A high level probe in the discharge spout insures automatic conveyor shut-off once the tanker section is filled.

Download full case study (655 KB)

Application Study 7005 - USDA Accepted Discharging & Conveying

Spiroflow’s Bulk Bag Discharger/Flexible Screw Conveyor systems have been designed to handle sensitive products in controlled environments. They are particularly suitable for those products where the highest levels of sanitation and the lowest degrees of cross contamination must be maintained during handling such as: meat, poultry, dairy, food, pharmaceutical, fine chemical, pigments/dyes and catalysts.

Download full case study (479 KB)

Case Study 4010 - Spiroflow Delivers A Polished Performance at Walther Trowal

Spiroflow has provided a mobile T2 Bulk Bag Discharger with an integral Flexible Screw Conveyor to handle aluminum oxide for Metaref, a division of Walther Trowal. The company approached Spiroflow to review the material handling aspects of their ceramic chip manufacturing process. These chips are available in various shapes and sizes and are used in the de-burring, fettling and polishing of metal and ceramic castings.

Download full case study (890 KB)

Case Study 4011 - Cement Handling Problem Solved for Safe Maker

Spiroflow Systems worked with Access Security Products Ltd. to resolve a powder handling problem with a proprietary cement mixture used in their manufacturing process. The material is a fine powder, which arrives by container quite compacted, has very poor flow characteristics bridges easily, is very abrasive and readily absorbs moisture. Spiroflow installed a bulk bag unloader fitted with dual flexible screw conveyors. The flex screws delivered the cement powder to two aero mechanical conveyors that fill an outdoor silo about 40 feet outside of the building.

Download full case study (1884 KB)

Case Study 1025 - Powder Handling Systems Deliver for Gum Supplier

Colony Gums, located in Monroe NC, provides the finest quality gums & stabilizers to the food, pharmaceutical & chemical industries. They turned to Spiroflow Systems to increase their conveying capabilities. They now have two side by side powder handling systems that deliver a conveying rate of 20,000 lb/hr, with improved productivity, additional safety features, a cleaner environment and reduced product waste.

Download full case study (999 KB)

Case Study 4008 - Dosing Ceramic Powders Into Blending Tanks

Spiroflow loss-in-weight bulk bag dischargers are ideal for the dosing of powders used in the manufacture of white goods. High levels of dust containment maintain a hygienic atmosphere while accurate dosing ensures a consistent mix of product is maintained for every batch.

Download full case study (512 KB)

Technical Data Sheet 8004 - Spout Closure Bars for Bulk Bag Dischargers

Spiroflow’s patented spout closure bars are a multi-functional feature available on Spiroflow Bulk Bag Discharge systems. They allow processors to: • Open bulk bags in a totally enclosed and dust-free manner • Partially empty, re-tie and remove bulk bags • Release batches from a bulk bag by weight or by volume

Download full case study (645 KB)

Technical Data Sheet 8005 - Static Free Bulk Bag Discharging

The build-up of static electricity is a serious safety issue in many modern processes where powders are handled. How a material flows, its conductivity and the atmosphere where it is processed have an effect on static build-up potential. Spiroflow has developed powder handling equipment where static grounding materials and controls are an integral part of the design.

Download full case study (775 KB)

Technical Data Sheet 8011 - Conveying Pharma Powders from Rigid IBCs

To reduce manual handling and associated costs, pharmaceutical manufacturers have increasingly adopted large containers such as rigid IBCs for the delivery of mixed materials to tableting lines. Spiroflow has developed dedicated equipment to enable material to be conveyed automatically from a rigid IBC to pharmaceutical tableting lines or other process machinery.

Download full case study (1232 KB)

Case Study 3003 - Safer Solution Processing Hazardous Explosive

Spiroflow has provided Hexion with a safer more reliable solution for conveying hazardous, explosive hexamine in their Acme, NC plant. They replaced another supplier’s flexible screw conveyors with Spiroflow’s bulk bag discharger and Dynaflow® chain drag conveyor. The new system has yielded a much safer, cleaner and more productive process solution for Hexion.

Download full case study (0 KB)