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Bulk Bag Filling and Discharging

Spiroflow is an innovative company, always at the forefront of technological developments to meet the continuously changing needs of its customers.

The product range encompasses the most advanced conveying, weighing, filling and discharging systems as well as a variety of versatile equipment to meet the growing demands of users of bulk bags and IBCs. Spiroflow has, at the same time, kept aware of the needs of customers who require efficient, basic standard equipment at an economic price.

Bulk Bag Fillers

Dust-free filling of 440-4,400 lb (200-2,000 kg) bulk bags with liner inflation, compaction/de-aeration device for a stable load. Adaptable for different bag sizes or filling drums, rigid bins, and boxes/octabins.

Bulk Bag Unloaders

A wide range of standard models is available plus loss-in-weight, integral hoists, bag massagers, spout & liner control, and mobile frames. Advanced, patented features allow total containment of dusty, hazardous and poor flowing products.

Carton Loading

From low-speed to high-speed Spiroflow provides innovative carton loading solutions. The key to successful carton loading is reliable product and carton handling. Our engineers have worked with a wide variety of products and industries from consumer products to food.

Ingredient Handling Systems

Whether it is just the addition of a simple hopper to a conveyor or the integration of our equipment into a fully operational turn-key system, we can meet the challenge.