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Bulk Bag Unloaders

Technical Details: Your Bulk Bag Unloader Requirements

Before purchasing a Bulk Bag Unloader always ask these key questions:

  • Will the Bulk Bag Unloader accept varying bag sizes?
  • Will the Bulk Bag Unloader handle poor flowing products?
  • Is there a forklift available or is an integral hoist needed?
  • Does the Bulk Bag Unloader provide a controlled flow when the spout is opened?
  • Does the Bulk Bag Unloader have a bag tensioning device to ensure all product is discharged?
  • Is discharge of the bag contents required by weight or by volume?
  • Is there provision for restraining and/or removing the inner liner?
  • Is an integral take-off conveyor required?
  • Is there a height restriction?
  • Is there a way to empty small bags in case the bulk bag supply of material is interrupted?
  • Does the plant require a hygienic Bulk Bag Unloader or USDA/FDA approved equipment?
  • What dust control features are incorporated into the Bulk Bag Unloader?
    • When untying the bag spout
    • While the product is being discharged
    • When the inner liner is being removed
    • When the bag is removed and folded for disposal
  • Is the product or environment hazardous?
  • Is static grounding and monitoring required?
  • Is the environment covered by NEC regulations?
Many of the answers to these questions appear on the following pages. Also see our technical article 'Discharging Bulk Bags - A Practical Guide to Dust Containment and Static Control.'

Engineers are programming controls for this bulk bag unloader fitted with an integral flexible screw conveyor.