Bulk Bag Dischargers

Technical Details: T4 Using Single Trip Bags

Single trip bulk bags, are widely used in plant environments for low value or hazardous products which require a dust-free and controllable emptying method.

Our T4 Bulk Bag Discharger (often called a Bulk Bag Unloader) can empty these disposable bags, which have no bottom spout, without waste or spills, even those containing poor flowing products, using various discharge aids and transfer conveyors to suit the application.


  • Static or pneumatic knife
  • Vibratory discharge aid


  • Mobile frame
  • Overhead electric bag hoist
  • Double dust suppression membrane

Knife pierces bottom of the bulk bag to begin discharge of bag contents

1. The T4 consists of a robust frame and discharge dish with a knife to pierce the base of the bag. A double membrane with dust extraction facility ensures total containment of dust emitted during bag piercing operation.

Optional Double Membrane for Dust Free Discharging of Single Trip Bags

2. The optional double membrane ensures that the bag sits deep within the dish and no dust escapes during discharge.

Product flow from bottom of single trip bag

3. The bag is ruptured by the knife and product flows from the discharge dish into the integral transfer conveyor.