Bulk Bag Dischargers

Technical Details: T5 Low Loader

Spiroflow's T5 Low Loading Discharger (often called a Bulk Bag Unloader) empties bulk bags and bags in process areas where restricted headroom causes problems in handling bags or where only a low lift forklift is available.

The T5 Bulk Bag Discharger is coupled directly to a flexible spiral or other suitable conveyor which meters ingredients from the bag either volumetrically or by weight. Ingredients can then be fed directly to mixing or other process equipment to provide a fully automatic ingredient unloading, proportioning and transfer system. The height of the access door has been designed to receive small bags, which is particularly beneficial to processors who have switched over to bulk bags, but still continue to receive minor ingredients in 50 lb bags. Processors with batching operations may choose to have several bag frames for use with one discharge station, allowing them to partially empty, re-tie and store bulk bags.


  • Removable top frame
  • Dust-tight spring loaded docking seal
  • Bag tensioner ensures total emptying
  • Integral conveyor or feeder
  • Dust control


  • Loss-in-weight batch control
  • Bag massagers to aid flow
  • Bag spout closure bars for dust-free and easy untying and re-tying of bag
  • Mobile frame
  • Bag tip door
  • Hygienic liner clamp

T5 Low Loader without bulk bag in place

1. No bag in place

Bulk Bag Loaded Into T5 Top Frame

2. Loading bag into top frame

Move Top Section of T5 Bulk Bag Discharger

3. Lifting top section from floor

Move Top Section Into Place

4. Returning top section


Bulk Bag Loaded and Ready to Discharge

5. Bag loaded ready to discharge

Bulk Bag Discharger Dust Tight Docking Seal

The discharger base unit has a dust-tight docking seal where the top frame and bag is placed. A spout clamp allows the bag to be untied without dust emission or spillage, via an access door.

Compact Mobile Bulk Bag Discharger Fits Into Elevator

Special T3/T5 compact mobile discharger designed to fit into an elevator.