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Bulk Bag Dischargers

Technical Details: T6 Integral Hoist Discharger

Our T6 Bulk Bag Discharger (often called a Bulk Bag Unloader) is a fully self contained unloading station for dust-free and controllable bulk bag emptying.

The T6 has an integral "I" beam and hoist for loading bags into the unloader and is directly connected to an enclosed conveyor for direct transfer of product to process machinery. Bulk bags may be brought to the unloader by pallet truck and stored ready for lifting without the need for forklift assistance. Full dust control features are incorporated.


  • Space saving integral bag hoist with runway beam
  • Dispense contents by volume or weight
  • Integral conveyor or feeder
  • Quiet operation
  • No forklift required
  • Full dust control


  • Bag massagers to aid flow
  • Bag spout closure bars for dust-free & easy untying re-tying of bag
  • Liner remover
  • Loss-in-weight batch control
  • Extended gantry frame & hoist for multi-bag processing
  • Bag dump door
  • Bulk bag lifting frames, fully load tested, to suit existing hoist equipment
  • Hygienic liner clamp

1. No bag in place

2. Loading bag into top frame

3. Lifting top section from floor

4. Returning top section

An optional low height hoist is available where headroom is restricted.