Bulk Bag Fillers

Technical Details: C Series Features


The competitively priced C Series fillers are the perfect solution for users with low to medium volume requirements.

The modular construction of the C Series filler enables users to specify a basic unit for their initial requirements. When future production demands determine the need for additional operational features, a full range of options is available designed to meet particular system requirements.


Standard Features


The C1 Model is for use where bulk bags are filled on pallets and removed by a forklift. The base is directly mounted on an approved load cell weigh platform. Features include a stop/start control by set weight, vibration for product compaction, pneumatic neck seal and venting for air displaced during filling.


Model C3 with automatic height adjustment for varying bag sizes and pneumatic bag loop release


Low Loader for areas with limited headroom

Powered roller, mesh or belt conveyor for easy removal of bulk bags

Full management data on weight controller

Pneumatic bag loop release

Rigid bin or drum filling attachment


Automatic bag height adjustment

Access platform for bulk bag filler

Access platform

Full range of filling valves to suit product

Spinning head to distribute product in bag

Mobile units

Technical data
Height 110"
Width 59" + 14" for Control Panel
Depth 59"
Fill rate (depending on Bulk Bag size, feed method and operator availability) Up to 20 Bulk Bags/hour
Air requirements (inflatable neck seal and Bulk Bag inflator) NB: Valve requirements not included 80 psi (5.5 bar) @ 30 ft³ per cycle

Dimensions may vary according to bag size.