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Ingredient Handling Systems

Technical Details: The Basics

The range of industry applications for Spiroflow powder and dry bulk solids handling equipment and systems is as diverse as the vast number of materials processed. Applications such as the food and pharmaceuticals industry where thousands of different ingredients are regularly handled under the most stringent levels of hygiene...

to chemical and mineral applications where systems are installed in the most unforgiving operating environments. As long as the need exists for handling such materials, Spiroflow will continue its commitment to product development, quality engineering, and customer service.

Conveying systems for a major food processing plant

Bulk storage & packing line feed system installed at a coffee & tea processor

Spiroflow dosing system at a water treatment facility

A mixing and packaging system for a confectionery manufacturer

A self-contained bulk bag unloading system with integral hoist

An aero mechanical conveyor elevating chemicals

Bulk Bag Dischargers and Flexible Screw Conveyors feeding a fountain blender at a plastics recycling factory

Transferring materials in a chemical processing plant