Automatic Bag Placing & Closing

Modular Packaging Equipment for Maximum Efficiency

Our product line uniquely provides an extensive range of easily upgradable modular equipment. We can provide packaging solutions that integrate into existing manual or semi-automatic bagging lines or complete turnkey bagging & palletizing systems.

The equipment is designed for many industries & products including almost any company bagging dry bulk products, and/or palletizing open mouth, valve bags, boxes, trays and more.

Agriculture: Potatoes, Onions, Rice, Corn, Sugar, Grain, Seeds, Pulses, Vegetables
Animal Feed: Cattle, Sheep, Pig, Poultry Feeds
Horticulture: Peat, Compost, Soil, Bark, Wood Chips, Fertilizer
Pet Food: Dog, Cat, Horse, Fish, Bird Seed
Pet Bedding: Wood Chips & Pellets, Saw Dust, Straw
Building Materials: Sand, Gravel, Leveling Compounds, Tile Adhesive
Minerals: Salt, Coal, Cat Litter, Grit
Snack Food: Chips, Nuts, Dried Fruit, Cookies
Recycled Materials: Rubber Chips, Wood Chips, Plastic Pellets
Chemicals: Plastics, Resins, Fertilizers, Additives
Bakery: Flour, Cake Mix, Batter, Bread Crumbs
Food & Drink: Fresh Frozen & Chilled, Tea, Coffee, Pasta, Chocolate


  • Modular Design
  • Can integrate into existing bagging lines
  • Complete Turnkey Bagging
  • Wide Variety of Applications