Robotic Palletizing

Modular Packaging Equipment for Maximum Efficiency

Robust Fanuc & Kuka robots are at the core of these versatile systems. Filled bags, boxes or crates enter a palletizing cell and are then picked from a suitable conveyor to be stacked in any configuration you choose. The filled pallet can then be removed from the cell with a forklift via light activated entry guards or discharged on an automatic takeaway roller system for storage or removal. The Robot Cell Control System utilizes the latest PLC technology.

Packing speeds depend on many factors but typical speeds for an optimized single gripper system is up to 1500 cycles per hour or 25 cycles per minute. This can potentially be increased by upgrading to the Double Gripper option. All box, tray and bag sizes can be palletized, depending on pallet overlap and overhang requirements. All pallet sizes can be used as long as they are of consistent size and quality.


  • Utilize Fanuc and Kuka Robots
  • Latest PLC Technology with User Friendly HMI
  • Wide Variety of Applications